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 “I've been dealing with many health issues for many many years, none of them could provide a proper diagnosis and the best they could do was prescribe medications until 2016 when I finally  got diagnosed with Lime's disease. It took 3 yrs before I started feeling better physically but I was still struggling emotionally. I was anxious, irritable, stressed, depressed all the time. Then I attended one of Jen Broyles' session and it struck me that breathwork could be a big help. The more I spoke with Jen I became impressed and I'm happier and healthier today than I've been in many years. She's a professional, wonderful person, genuinely concerned about others, and I am very grateful for having her in my life.  ”

Monty Patterson

 “I just felt like I had low energy. I wasn't actually tired I just felt like I didn't really have anything to give. I was too lazy to even get my yoga mat. After the session it just kinda clipped in my head. There was a specific shift in my mind and I knew that I had something to do and I went ahead to record this 75-minute presentation. I was in the right state of mind, kick all my systems up and it all happened so smoothly. I went from not having something to do into a beautiful amazing day. I would definitely credit the breathwork. ”

Marian Knopp

 “Jen clearly demonstrates passion and mastery in her craft. I am a trained practitioner myself with a number of breath based modalities. I was pleasantly surprised after my first soma breathwork. It's deceptively simple with potential for depth and I liked it so much that I integrate it with my own practice. It is a mystical and rewarding practical experience. Thank you Jen and for reminding all of us of that sacredness.”

Stacy Claxton

 “I did the 4-week series of breathwork and it has been absolutely amazing. It was astonishing for me personally because it has helped me in 3 areas: Trust, Fear, and Forgiveness.”


 “I am reminded of a zen saying "The most important thing in life is to remember the most important thing in life" and that is what Jen's breathwork series helped me do is to remember, center, and key in what is important in life. I am very thankful to Jen she is a very good teacher. Her class has the potential to change lives in a very vital, active, and energetic way.”


 “I loved the simple guidance to connect with my breath and the deep meditative state. The music was amazing as well! I felt agitated as I went into the session and could feel energy moving almost instantly upon starting, allowing me to get into a deep meditative state during and after. I felt so relaxed and grounded. Very peaceful and grounding.“

Dr. Nikki Cohen

“I loved using the power of my breath with music/sound! Afterwards, I felt amazing! I felt light as a feather. If someone has not tried it, I highly recommend breathwork with Jen!” 

Yvonne Futch

“I felt enlightened, energized, peaceful and calm. It really was a wonderful experience, and I am so glad I made the time to fit it into my day. The lightness and sense of happiness that I experienced after the session stayed with me throughout the day. Thank you so much for sharing your healing energy and wisdom. I really appreciate it!”

Rosanna Foster

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Jen Broyles is a Transformational Health Coach and Breathwork Guide who supports you in releasing anxiety, stress, and limiting thought patterns, so you can activate confidence, healing, and peace in your life. She blends a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, neurosomatic techniques, mindset training, holistic nutrition, spirituality, and plant therapies to guide you through the ultimate transformation experience.

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