Clearing Emotional Imprints and Traumas with Breathwork

Breathwork is a really powerful tool for emotional health and wellbeing and for clearing past traumas and emotional imprints that might not be serving you any longer. Often times, the hardest imprints and traumas to clear are those that were formed from the womb through the age of about six to seven. Many times, we don't even consciously remember some of the experiences that may be impacting us and holding us back in our lives today.

These emotions and memories get stored inside your body if they're not released. And they start to impact how you live your life as an adult. If they aren't properly processed and released, they can also contribute to physical symptoms and chronic illness. So being able to tap into your subconscious mind, and start to release some of these imprints, reprogram your mind, reprogram your brain is really important.

And what I've found personally, and as a health practitioner is that so often when someone is experiencing chronic symptoms, whether it's digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, chronic headaches, chronic anxiety, that aren't remedied by cleaning up the diet, taking supplements, improving sleep, and doing all the things that we know are so important, then there's oftentimes an emotional root to the issue that has not been addressed.

This is where tools like breathwork can be so incredibly helpful and healing because it allows you to go deep into a meditative state, tap into your subconscious mind, and begin to clear past negative trauma and negative conditioning, and help you free yourself and become more liberated.

You're able to calm the nervous system, release some of that stuck energy and ultimately allow your mind and your body to heal. 

How May SOMA Breath Help You?

Soma Breath incorporates deep rhythmic breathing and breath retentions and both of these pieces are key healing components.

Rhythmic breathing helps hyper-oxygenate your body. You're breathing in a lot of oxygen and blowing out more carbon dioxide than normal. This alters the pH in the bloodstream, it creates a stronger electromagnetic field and current to flow through the body. And this effect will really help elevate your vibrational energy and your emotional energy. Through this higher vibration and emotional quality, negative emotions can start to be released and cleansed from the body and higher, more positive vibrations, more positive energy can start to come in.

This is a really powerful technique just through rhythmic breathing that brings coherence to the body. It calms the nervous system. And it allows for the proper rhythms and functions of the body to go back into sync.

The next phase is the breath retention, and this is what I find to be so powerful. First we can extend our exhale through vocal toning. Just by extending your exhale, you're activating the parasympathetic nervous system; your rest, relax and digest state of the nervous system, you're getting out of survival mode, you're getting out of the stress response and really calming the mind and the body.

Then through vocal toning, which is chanting AUM or OM, you're tapping into the power of the vagus nerve, which helps us also switch off stress.

Then we're going to go deep into that meditative state through the breath retention. The breath retention really helps you dive deep into a meditative state. It allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and begin to reprogram imprints and belief patterns that are no longer serving you. During this period, we also use the power of affirmations and visualizations. So you can start to feed your mind with more positive thoughts, more positive beliefs, and start to bring in the things that you want like healing, growth, transformation, manifesting your intentions.

So often, people are feeling stuck in life, whether it's stuck in a physical health condition, or a career that they don't like, not moving forward in their business, or stuck in relationships that aren't serving them. All of these things we're starting to free up.

We're starting to release some of those those imprints that are keeping you in this place and starting to bring in new ones that serve you, and help you create the things that you're wanting in your life like good health, abundance, healthy relationships, all of these beautiful things.

We can start to reprogram the subconscious operating system and start to influence your autonomic nervous system as well. So it's going to help improve digestion, it's going to help improve hormones. It's going to calm the stress response, it's going to impact your your heart rate and your blood pressure.

All of these things that are so important and they all have rhythms. And when you have erratic thoughts all the time, it leads to erratic functioning in the body. But when you start to bring things back into balance back into coherence, you can start to reprogram the these rhythms in the body that help things functional much better.

And through tapping into the subconscious mind and releasing, what you might consider toxic emotions or negative imprints, or traumas, you start to allow that energy to flow, to process and let it go. 

You may experience some powerful emotional releases and negative imprints being cleared. And sometimes things come up in the breathwork, perhaps memories or insights or visualizations that you didn't consciously know about or remember.

Oftentimes, things that you're not even aware of may come up and with it comes lots of emotion. You may cry, you may laugh. Other times you just feel lighter, blissful, and freer. And sometimes you may have moments of deep insight and inspiration, and it really makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

Breathwork is great by itself. But it's also a wonderful tool to use alongside other tools for emotional healing. It's a great tool for integration. If you're integrating from a tapping session, Emotional Freedom Technique, you can use breathwork as an integration piece to help integrate some of the stuff that came up in that session. You can use it as an integration tool for therapy or even before or after a psychedelic medicine experience.

There are so many ways to incorporate breathwork. For me, I have a daily breathwork practice that I start my day with. And then certain periods of time I'll go into a much deeper session when I want to go in with a strong attention and dive deep, I'll do a longer session.

If this is something that you're really curious to experience and see how your breath can be this powerful, I encourage you to give it a try.

Click here to grab my free guided breathwork meditation here >>>

It's a 20 minute guided breathwork meditation. You'll learn exactly how to do the SOMA Breath technique. And you'll get to experience a guided 20 minute session.

And if you try that and you want more, then I invite you to join my Sacred Breath Community.

This is a private community of members who are implementing a regular breathwork practice and are really on a healing journey of all levels through the breathwork. We do live online classes every month that you get to attend for free as a member. You also get access to a number of different audio recorded breathwork meditations that you can practice anytime during your day.

It's a wonderful community to be a part of, so I invite you to check that out as well. I hope to see you in the Sacred Breath Community.




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