What’s the Connection Between Your Gut and Your Hormones?

nutrition Apr 11, 2016

I recently had the pleasure to return to Health Geeks Radio to be a guest on their podcast for a second time. This time, we talked about the relationship between your gut health and your hormones, specifically, your adrenal hormones – cortisol and DHEA.

The HPA axis is what monitors and controls the production of cortisol and DHEA from your adrenal glands. These 2 hormones, in the right levels, are essential for a healthy gut and immune system.

When your brain isn’t communicating with your adrenal glands effectively, you may have HPA axis dysregulation, commonly known as adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is brought on by long-term chronic stress. It can be caused by gut issues as well as contribute to gut issues. That’s why is often necessary to treat the gut and support the adrenals at the same time.

Click below to listen to this fun and informative podcast as Dr. Paul Nottoli and I discuss the gut-adrenal connection.


gut-adrenal connection

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