DIY Super Immune Essential Oil Blend

If you're looking for simple, natural methods to support your health, you're in the right place. In this video I am going to show you how to make your very own immune boosting essential oil blend. And I call it the Super Immune Blend. It's a blend that I make and have been using daily for over a year, and I absolutely love it.

The oils in this blend offer powerful natural ways to support and strengthen your immune system, promote detoxification and cleansing, and protect you against environmental threats, seasonal threats, any type of pathogens that you might come across. These oils are very protective. Additionally, many of the oils in this blend are wonderful for supporting a healthy nervous system.

So this blend has a lot of beautiful, emotionally supportive properties as well as physically supportive properties in the form of promoting a healthy immune system, and more regulated nervous system.

Watch this video to learn how you can easily make this blend for you and your family. It takes less than 2 minutes!! Below you'll find information and benefits of each oil in this blend. And if you are inspired to make your own blend with these oils, and you're not yet using doTERRA oils, you'll find a very special link below where you can get started with these specific oils to make your own super immune blend. So let's get started.

There are five different oils in this blend, and one of these oils is a blend in and of itself.


  • 6 drops Melissa - helps support a healthy immune system and helps calm and ease tension and anxious feelings
  • 8 drops On Guard - protective and immune supportive blend. The oils in this blend include clove, cinnamon, wild orange, rosemary and eucalyptus.
  • 10 drops Grapefruit - supports detoxification and a healthy metabolism
  • 15 drops Copaiba - supports healthy immune and digestive system and calms the nervous system
  • 15 drops Siberian Fir - calming, relaxing, promotes tranquility


  1. Add the essential oils to a 10 mL roller bottle.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil
  3. Apply it daily along your spine, bottom of your feet, or the back of your neck.

Now you have super immune protection throughout the day when you're out and about.

Ready to make this blend? If you already have a doTERRA account, simply login and order these oils. If you don't have a doTERRA wholesale account yet, then click the link below to get started. This link includes everything you need to make this blend and you'll get wholesale pricing! If you use the roller bottle daily, it will last you a few months. And you'll be able to refill your roller bottle many times with these oils!! They last awhile. 


Plus, you'll discover other ways to use each of these oils in your daily life. Like adding a drop of grapefruit to your water or salad dressing. Or taking a drop of copaiba oil at night to help with sleep. Or diffusing On Guard to cleanse the air in your home and make it smell amazing for guests! The options are many. 

Want to learn more about supporting your health naturally with essential oils? Get my free guide - Essential Oils Made Easy >>


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