Three Essential Oils for Major Head Tension Relief

essential oils Jun 05, 2017

I’m so excited to have my friend and fellow health practitioner provide a post all about natural solutions for head tension relief. Erin specializes in helping people overcome various types of head tension naturally, and essential oils are a huge part of her protocols.

She’s even hosting the Chronic Headache and Migraine Online Summit that you MUST sign up for. It’s free to the public, and it’s going to be great! Keep reading for details.

But first, I want to pass it over to Erin as she shares her three top essential oils for major head tension relief. Enter Erin…

If you’ve ever used lotions or soaps with lavender and rosemary essential oil, you’ve surely noticed how quickly these aromatic plant compounds can affect your mood and stress level.

Having been prone to headaches for as long as I can remember and suffering from debilitating migraines in my teens and most of my twenties, I have always been eager to learn about and try different tools for relaxation, in an effort to ward off headaches. In fact, I am SO interested in exploring different modalities and techniques for preventing headaches that I went out and interviewed top researchers and clinicians for my upcoming Migraine Summit.

Along with diet and sleep upgrades, one of the easiest recommendations to implement is the use of essential oils for supporting the body through different types of stress. Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular in self-care routines as people discover the many applications for health, beauty, and home. I use oils daily and could happily tell you about 30 ways someone with head tension could benefit – but I’ll get straight to my top 3 that you may not have ever tried.

My favorite oils for 3 different varieties of head tension are:

Weather-related head tension:

When the pressure in my head rises in sync with the intensity of the storm rolling into town, I reach for frankincense. Dabbing a bit of frankincense oil around the temples and hairline of my neck, I can feel the drainage of lymphatic fluid from my head in mere moments. If bad weather is in the forecast, I’ll even do this a couple of times a day to be proactive.

Neck and muscle tension:

My go to oil for neck and muscle tension is a special blend from doTERRA called Past Tense®. This amazing minty fresh blend can melt away tension before it even turns into a debilitating issue for me and the many friends and clients who have tried mine and begged me to get them one. I keep this one at my desk, because long hours on the computer are the main reason my shoulders get tight.

Mental stress head tension:

When my mind is racing and I have too much to do, I find a blend of clove and lime right behind the ears on the vagal nerve pressure point to be instantly soothing. I learned about this application from a book called Healing With Essential Oils by Jodi Sternoff Cohen. The combination helps your body switch from fight-or-flight mode to rest-and-digest mode.

When it comes down to it, most essential oils have calming, soothing, or restorative properties so don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own rituals. These are just a few that I’ve found to be tremendously helpful.

If you’d like to learn more about natural and holistic ways to beat headaches, save your seat today for the Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit. This groundbreaking event features over 30 holistic and functional health experts sharing their clinical experience and the most effective strategies for getting to the root causes of headaches. We even have a whole talk dedicated to essential oils and head tension!

The videos will be available to download starting July 10th, but the free viewing period is only from July 10-17, 2017 so sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out.

About Erin

With her 4-step Migraine Freedom™ plan, Erin Knight helps women who desire natural solutions providing freedom from chronic migraines, so that they can experience a dramatic increase in productivity and thrive in the active life that they dream of.

Erin has her Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan and is trained in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ and nutrigenomics. After a decade guiding Fortune 500 teams through root cause analysis, she now applies these problem-solving skills to our most complex system  – the human body.

Erin shares implementation strategies for achieving radiant health through online classes, corporate workshops and 1:1 consulting and has a goal of helping a million women discover freedom from their migraine headaches.


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