How I Went from No Period to a Regular Cycle Naturally

essential oils May 01, 2017

I think we can all agree that hormones are tricky. So many women and even men deal with issues in which hormone imbalance is at the root. I’ve personally dealt with my share of hormonal imbalances from adrenal dysfunction to amenorrhea. I just want to share with you some of the key things I’ve done to regain hormonal balance and go from having no period to a regular cycle naturally.

As you probably know, your gut and your hormones are very strongly linked. If your gut is out of whack, your hormones will suffer and vice versa. Not surprisingly, I started experiencing hormonal issues around the same time as I started having digestive problems in my early 20’s.

The solution from my OB/GYN was to put me on birth control to make me have a “normal period”. At the time, I had no idea what birth control was and what it did to the body. I stayed on birth control for about 10 years because I didn’t know any better.

Then, after learning that some people experience GI issues from birth control, I decided to stop taking it to see if my digestive problems improved. While it didn’t help my gut issues, I did notice that I wasn’t having a natural period. I went an entire year without having a period.

Around that time, I went to see a new GI doctor, who decided to order a prolactin test when I informed him that I wasn’t having a period. Thankfully, this doctor wasn’t your normal GI doctor and he had training in functional medicine. I had no idea what prolactin was, but I learned later that it’s a hormone that is produced when you’re breast feeding. High levels of prolactin will suppress progesterone and cause you not to have a period.

Well, it turns out my prolactin levels were incredibly high, so an MRI was ordered to see if I had a pituitary tumor. The results came back, and I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma, which is a small, benign tumor on the pituitary gland that secretes prolactin. High levels of prolactin will suppress progesterone, cause you not to have a period, and contribute to infertility.

At that point, I was put on a medication to suppress prolactin production, and I was put back on birth control to boost my progesterone.

I hated the idea of going back on birth control and feeding my body synthetic hormones, but I didn’t know what else to do. I decided that once my prolactin levels were in a normal range, I would discontinue the birth control and work with my naturopath to implement natural alternatives.

Last August, my prolactin levels were normal! I was so excited because I was taking ½ of the recommended dose of my medication, and now I was ready to discontinue my birth control as well.

After discussing with both my OB/GYN and my naturopath, we agreed to just stop taking my birth control, give it a month, and see what happened. Then, if no period, I would add in some natural progesterone cream.

After a month, I did not have a period. We added in progesterone cream that also included DHEA and pregnenolone.

In addition, I used a lot of essential oils and and whole food supplements. I used Clary Calm topically, which is our women’s monthly blend for hormone support. I also used frankincense to target the growth on my pituitary. I still use these oils daily. I then added in DDR prime, which is a blend of frankincense, thyme, wild orange, and some other powerful oils that support cellular health.

For basic foundational support, I’ve been taking my Lifelong Vitality Pack which consists of a whole food multivitamin/mineral, essential fatty acid complex, and antioxidant complex.

My hormone balancing protocol:

  1. AllVia Progensa Complete – 1 pump 2 x day
  2. Lifelong Vitality Supplements – 2 of each 2 x day
  3. Clary Calm Women’s Monthly Blend – apply topically 2 x day
  4. Frankincense – apply 1 drop to tongue and back of neck 1 x day
  5. DDR Prime – 1-2 soft gels daily
  6. Add in lavender for additional stress support

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After following this regimen for 7 months, I finally started my period! Since then, my cycle has been quite regular. I also tested my prolactin recently and my levels are totally normal.

One thing I did start to experience was a some hormonal acne, and my doctors said that i was getting too much DHEA. So, now I’m alternating between my multi-hormone cream and progesterone spray. We’ll see how that goes.

Honestly, it’s so empowering when you can learn to support your health naturally and not rely on drugs that regulate your body systems artificially.

I was told by doctors that I would always be on birth control and I would always have to take medication to manage my prolactin levels. Well, I’m off birth control, and I plan to be off my other medication eventually.

If you’re struggling hormone imbalances, I encourage you to find a functional medicine practitioner who can help you support your body naturally. I also encourage you to consider incorporating essential oils because they are incredibly safe yet powerful.

Bringing your body back into balance doesn’t happen overnight. It take consistency, trial and error, and work. However, it is possible, and it’s totally worth the effort.

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