How Music Helped Me Navigate 2020

I’m thankful for 2020. That’s not to say that it was easy. It’s been challenging, chaotic, even scary at times. But it’s also allowed me to pause and contemplate my life, the path I’m on, the state of humanity, how we’re living, and so much more. It has shed light on so many issues, systems, and ways of being that are out of alignment with our true nature and with the earth. 

And I’m so thankful that I was equipped with tools and community to help me navigate this year on a high note (most of the time). Humans are not made for isolation and unfortunately that’s what so many of us experienced this year to some degree. We’ve had to pivot in order to find community in other ways either virtually or smaller social circles. 

For me 2020 has been a giant pause and time of realignment. I know that’s not the case for everyone. For some of you, it’s been extra frantic, busy, and stressful trying to figure out how do life with kids at home, work from home, no school, no daycare, spouse at home, jobs on the line, all the things. I get it. 

But the only way we can gain clarity and insight is through the pause. Even when you feel like you may not have time to slow down, that’s when you need it the most. To just stop, go inward, sit with your thoughts. Usually this is super uncomfortable. I know it has been for me. 

I’ve had so many repressed fears, subconscious memories, and emotional traumas come to the surface and my initial instinct is to push them back down because I don’t want to deal with them. But then I realize that the only way to let them go is to feel them. I’ve cried more this year than many years combined. I’ve done some of the deepest inner work this year than any time before. 

I’m thankful for this time. And I’m incredibly grateful that I started on this deep healing journey in the final months of 2019. It truly prepared me for this year. 

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. It’s been a giant storm. I’ve had to witness so many shadow sides of myself that reveal elements of control, doubt, fear, anger, resentment. But once the awareness is there, the door for transformation opens up. I can begin to shed the layers of the ego and open my heart. It’s a process and one that is much easier with the right community, support, and tools.

One of the tools I’m thankful for is music. I shared my top books from 2020 in my previous post here. But this post is all about music. Music is healing, it’s centering. When you find music that speaks to your soul, it’s so nourishing and transformative.

I play music during breathwork, I dance to music, I sit still with music, I walk in nature with music, I cook dinner with music. I’ve always been one to pay attention to the lyrics of songs. I can learn songs really quickly, and when the words resonate, I’m drawn deeper into the music. But don’t ask me to sing!!! I recognize my gifts and that is currently not one of them. :)

This year, I’ve been listening to soul-nourishing, heart-warming, healing music. Music that ties in ancient wisdom that will speak to you on a core level reminding you who you truly are beyond your limiting beliefs and ideologies. Music that is filled with love and compassion. It will take your breath away (or at least slow your breathing down). It will make you smile. You may be inspired to dance, close your eyes, or journal. 

One of my favorite artists from this year is Samuel J. I first heard him on an online global meditation earlier this year. I’ve been listening to him almost every day since. Other music I’ve really enjoyed include songs by Jai-Jagdeesh, Nessi Gomes, and more. 

In fact, I’m sharing one of my personal Spotify playlists with you! I named this playlist Soul Awakening because that’s what it is for me. 

I hope you enjoy it! If you don’t have Spotify, then you can either download the app for free or simply google some of the artists I mentioned and listen on YouTube, iTunes, or other outlets. 

I hope you find this music as soul-nourishing for you as it has been for me. 

Many blessing and much love.


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