How to Make My DIY Immunity Essential Oil Blend

essential oils Jan 30, 2018

A powerful and effective reason to use essential oils is to support your immune system.

Essential oils have been around for a long time, but only recently have they gained their much deserved popularity. Essential oils smell fantastic but they also have countless benefits; from cosmetic purposes, health benefits, and spiritual use.  

In this video I demonstrate how to make my go-to Immune-Boosting roller bottle blend. I call it my 911 blend. I use a specific combination of oils known to support and strengthen the immune system.

Here are a few other ways essential oils can be beneficial to the body in terms of boosting your immune system.


It is okay to be stressed every once in a while. It is a normal part of life. But long term stress can do a lot more harm than good. It is scientifically proven that stress upsets and impairs the body’s immune system. It is also one of the main factors of sleeplessness. Stress may lead a person to unhealthy habits such as smoking, eating too much sugar and fats, taking in excessive amount of caffeine and forgoing exercise. All of these increases a person’s chance of feeling unwell.

Essential oils are one of the best remedies when it comes to stress problems. Lavender, chamomile, geranium, cinnamon, vetiver and ylang ylang are only a few of the essential oils which are all helpful in beating stress with their calming effect and capability to improve one’s mood. But really, any oil can help to reduce stress.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Free radicals are unstable atoms or groups of atoms that may cause cell damage and cause disease. Their formation may be a consequence of certain diet, smoking, drugs, unhealthy environment and stress. Anti-oxidants are man-made or natural substances that fight against these free radicals, boosting the body’s immunity.

Black pepper and cilantro are rich sources of anti-oxidants. They can be added to food not only to add taste but to fight free radicals. Ginger and wild orange are also high in anti-oxidants.


Lemon, tea tree and oregano have strong antibacterial, purifying, cleansing, and germ-killing properties.

Lemon has been used throughout history to protect against disease and promote healthy body functions. Taking lemon internally assists in respiratory and digestive discomfort. A clean home keeps one away from health threats and lemon can be used as a household cleaner. Spraying a mixture of 10 drops of oil and a cup of water is an all-natural, chemical-free way of disinfecting a house. Lemon can also be used to freshen the air and remove bad odors.

Taking in a drop of oregano or applying it to the bottoms of the feet helps boost the body’s immune system. Due to its high content of powerful antibacterial and antifungal substances carvacrol and thymol, oregano is a good natural alternative to prescription antibiotics. However, precautions must be taken when applying oregano for medicinal use because of its potency.

Like lemon and oregano, tea tree also possesses these beneficial properties. It is not only widely known for its ability to treat skin problems, but it is also proven to be purifying, antibacterial, and germ-destroying. It aids in shielding the body from harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Sleep Support

Sleep doesn’t only rest a tired mind and body. Certain hormones, proteins and chemicals are released during the period of sleep. These chemicals are essential parts of the immune system and are required to defend the body against illnesses and infections. Hence, lack of adequate sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, making a person more vulnerable to diseases and sick for a longer period of time.

Lavender, chamomile, bergamot, frankincense, and cedarwood are the most common essential oils with calming effects, and are perfect for inducing sleep. Lavender slows down activities in the central nervous system, supporting healthy sleep. Chamomile soothes the mind and body, fighting restlessness and anxious feelings. Cedarwood stimulates the pineal gland which releases melatonin, the hormone responsible for the body’s sleep-and-wake cycle.

Rubbing a few drops of one of these oils on the wrist and inhaling it deeply before going to bed will assure a good night’s sleep.

Essential oils help build and boost the body’s immune system with their calming, cleansing and pathogen-fighting qualities. But they will only be effective if applied on a daily basis. It is also not guaranteed that someone who has built their immune system through the use of essential oils or other methods will never get sick. Only that the severity may be lessened and the body can recover faster.

If you’re looking for a great site to find accessories to use along with your essential oil products, I suggest Got Oil Supplies. They have an extensive line of affordable and quality products from essential oil diffusersroller bottleslabels, and many more.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you use essential oils, and what is your favorite DIY blend?


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