My 3 Favorite Ways to Detox (this might surprise you…)

Supporting your body’s detoxification system is critical for optimal health. Your body is designed to detox and eliminate unwanted substances on a daily basis.

However, with the toxic burden higher than ever before, we must support our our body and our detox organs.

We do this by reducing the toxic burden through clean eating, hydration, detox therapies, exercise, using non-toxic household and personal care products, and using essential oils to cleanse and support your detox organs.

While my husband and I do a lot to minimize our toxic load, here are my 3 favorite ways to detox. (The first one may surprise you.) 🙂

Coffee Enema

Caffeine is a choleretic when administered rectally. This means that it increases bile flow. While there are other choleretic agents available, the choleretic properties of a coffee enema offer additional benefits. Most choleretics don’t enhance the detoxifying enzyme systems, so most of the bile is reabsorbed before it’s eliminated and can become toxic. The enzyme-enhancing properties of a coffee enema do not allow as much toxic bile to be reabsorbed by the liver across the gut wall. Therefore, it can be a powerful way to detoxify the bloodstream through the enzyme systems in the liver and small bowel.

Enemas help to wash out the colon, remove toxic substances, and oftentimes, remove harmful parasites and yeast colonies. It helps to increase peristalsis and cause the colon to become active and better able to empty its contents completely. This is great for those who suffer from constipation. Repeated enemas help remove impacted feces and food residue as well as clean out diverticuli in the colon.

Check out my recommended supplies here.

Want more info on coffee enema benefits? Click here.

Infrared Sauna

Full-body heat therapy brings the detoxifying effects of heat to the deepest cells of the internal organs.

Near-infrared saunas are designed to stimulate cellular regeneration and anti-aging. The alliance of heat and light penetrates to the mitochondrial level to provide maximum detoxification in order to achieve the results you need.

We have a Luminati infrared sauna by SaunaSpace and we love it! Check it out here.

Want more info on benefits of infrared saunas? Click here.

Essential Oils

Specific essential oils support the body’s detoxification system and help cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow your body’s systems down.

Along with their powerful detoxifying capabilities, essential oils have been shown to support healthy liver function and to have internal purifying effects.

Some of my favorite essential oils for detox include:

Lemon and tangerine have powerful purifying benefits due to their high concentration of limonene.

Rosemary is known to support proper liver function. Juniper Berry supports healthy kidney function. Cilantro supports natural detoxifying mechanisms.



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