The Power of Setting Intentions and How to do It

Have you ever set intentions for a particular area of your life? Do you know what intentions are and how they are quite different from goals? In the video below, I share with you the power of setting intentions, how to do it, and why you want to incorporate this practice in your life.

I've been an advocate of intentions for awhile. In fact, when I teach breathwork, I often invite the participants to set an intention for their practice. But what does that mean? What does an intention look and sound like?

I recently read a wonderful book called, The Technology of Intention by Kim Stanwood Terranova. The book goes into great deal about what intentions are, the key components that make up an intention, and how to create your own intentions to use in your daily life. 

Intentions can be used in any area of your life that you want to improve, manifest, or heal. Intentions are great for relationships, health, career and finances, self-love, and more.

intentions are quite different from goals. Goals are defined as being specific, measurable, and time-oriented. They are based on taking specific actions to achieve an end result. With goals, you have a plan. You know the "how".

Intentions are based on positive qualities of being. You often don't know how your intention with manifest. Intentions are energetically focused statements that inform the Universe of your desire and the direction in which you wish it to be fulfilled . The power of the conscious use of intention propels action into being

There are 3 key components to creating an intention: 

  1. They must always be in the present moment
  2. They must be positive
  3. They must be based on spiritual qualities

The how is not your job. Letting go of the how is sometimes the most challenging aspect. When activating intentions, you get to surrender and trust that the how will be shown to you instead of you already knowing it.

Here are a few examples of intentions that you can work with or you can create your own.

  • My intention is to be willing to release anything that no longer serves me so that I may surrender to the inner transformation of my soul and fully experience my highest good.
  • My intention is to make choices that honor who I am as I practice deep levels of self-love.
  • My intention is to nurture and embrace all the relationships in my life with love, compassion, and acceptance.
  • My intention is to embody the truth that my body temple is healthy and vibrant.

You can create an intention practice by incorporating it into your spiritual or self-care practice. Write out your intentions. Speak them out loud.

Feel into the statement and embody the feeling tone of your intention. Use your intentions in your breathwork or meditation practice. 


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