The Supplements Every Woman Should Take

nutrition Aug 13, 2018

Nearly everyone who studies vitamin and mineral nutrition agrees—our daily nutrition falls short in meeting even the bare minimum requirements for many nutrients. And because of this, we experience things like low energy, fatigue, irritability, poor immune function, weak bones, joint discomfort, brittle nails and damaged hair. Below I’ll share the supplements every woman should take.

Trying to get the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of the 26 essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients our bodies need, is virtually impossible to do with food alone. Even if you have a wholesome, balanced diet. That’s why it’s so important to supplement your diet with a multivitamin or mineral supplement.

In a recent study, researchers found that nine out of ten adults do not meet the RDIs for vitamins D and E, and over half of us don’t meet the RDIs for vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium (Fulgoni, et al., J Nutr141(10):1847-54, 2011). Even if you eat lots of veggies, you’re unlikely to get enough vitamin D, B12, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Experts agree that you should try to eat a healthy diet high in vegetables, clean protein, and healthy fats. AND take a multivitamin/mineral supplement …

But which supplements should every woman take?

There are so many supplement brands out there, and the industry is highly unregulated. It gets super confusing.

Let’s look at the common synthetic daily multivitamin. Research shows these common mass-produced vitamins contain poor quality, poorly absorbed, synthetic ingredients—not a great supplement for your diet.

Did you know?

The first multivitamins hit the retail shelves in the ‘50s and ‘60s and remain a staple in today’s retail and mass markets. These inexpensive products deliver the RDI of most vitamins, but lesser amounts of most minerals. Their mineral sources are often poorly absorbed and utilized by the body. And they lack phytonutrients and essential omega-3 fatty acids.

On the other end of the spectrum are mega-dose vitamins. These are based on the concept that more is better, which isn’t the case with these, as some of them can negatively affect your health.

Research in the ‘80s and ‘90s suggested that above-RDI amounts of certain antioxidant vitamins, some B-vitamins, and trace elements had additional health benefits. It’s this research that paved the way for the current generation of micronutrient supplements. And it’s these supplements that often include mega-dose (10x RDI or more) vitamins.

Most recently, however, the results of very large, long-term studies have shown that mega-doses of micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, folate, and selenium don’t work. In fact, some of these studies found negative effects at high doses previously assumed to be safe.

My Favorite Whole Food Supplements

Poor nutrition is the largest contributing factor in disabling our body’s ability to self-cleanse. For optimal function, your body needs a strong foundation—a foundation that includes vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and enzymes. To achieve that, it’s best to add whole food supplements to your diet.

When using whole food supplements as opposed to synthetic supplements, your body will recognize them as nutrients and will absorb and utilize them immediately, just as the body would an apple.

Microplex VMz

Few of us eat enough whole unrefined fruits and vegetables to meet our body’s most fundamental nutrient needs. The contemporary western diet, often the “meat-sweet diet,” is characterized by high levels of processed grains, conventional meats, sugar, and low levels of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Researchers estimate that nearly half of Americans are at risk for deficiencies of Vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin A, and calcium. Trying to obtain the RDIs of all 26 essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients from food alone is nearly impossible.

Microplex VMz is the most advanced food nutrient complex in the industry—a daily source of the nutrients your diet does not provide.

Formulated with whole food ingredients, each daily serving of Microplex VMz provides precise amounts of vitamins and minerals to promote optimal health, energy, and longevity.

I’ve tried many high-quality brands of multivitamins, and this is the one I take and recommend for my clients. It’s the only one I’ve actually felt a benefit with.

xEO Mega

This complex gives your body the essential omega fatty acids it needs and cannot produce on its own. As we age, things like healthy joints, range of motion and the ease of getting around become more important. That’s why having a supplement that provides the body with those omega fatty acids is so important.

While other omega-3 supplements often promise impressive benefits, xEO Mega is unique because it has been specially formulated with a proprietary blend of doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile. This combination of essential oils work together to enhance the efficacy of xEO Mega through an added antioxidant protection.

In addition to promoting healthy joints, xEO Mega supports your immune system and cardiovascular health. It protects against lipid oxidation to support healthy function of the brain, eyes and nervous system. And its antioxidant benefits help improve muscle strength and endurance, aid the liver and digestive system, and support skin health.

xEO Mega is considered a far-reaching supplement capable of providing the body with several vital nutrients that the body cannot produce on its own.

When you combine it with Alpha CRS+ and Microplex VMz, you have one of the most comprehensive supplement foundations available.

Alpha CRS+

Antioxidants are one of the most critical nutritional components of your health. A substance with antioxidant properties inhibits the molecular oxidation that produces free radicals. Free radicals, in case you don’t know, lead to chain reactions that may damage cells.

Antioxidants help your body handle oxidative stress. As well as keep the heart, the cardiovascular system, the brain, and the nervous system functioning optimally.

While these powerful substances are contained in high concentrations in many natural whole foods, it is often difficult to get adequate amounts on a daily basis. Many of the best antioxidant sources are found in flavonoids, which are not a regular part of the contemporary diet.

With the most comprehensive antioxidant protection, Alpha CRS+ provides daily cellular vitality support.

Not only that, but it also supports healthy cellular immune function within the body, and mental clarity and brain function.

This trio of whole food based supplements truly helps set a solid, strong foundation for optimal wellness. I hear countless testimonies from women about how much better they feel after taking these supplements consistently for 2 weeks.

I’d love to know … do you take vitamins? What benefit do you know your body needs most? Please share in the comments below.


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