What is Your Word for 2022?

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed choosing a word for the new year that i want to embrace and embody. Rather than making New Years Resolutions, I would simply choose a word that would be representative of the year ahead.

This year, I was resistant to choose a word. 2021 was an incredibly difficult and challenging year in my personal life, and I simply wasn’t in a positive, optimistic headspace to even think about the abundant opportunities of a new year.

While things don’t magically reset and restart at the beginning of a new year, we can use that time intentionally to reset our perspective on things.

Thankfully, I meet with a small circle of women who do life together. We support each other and implement practices for spiritual growth, healing, and self-care. In our first meeting of 2022, the action step was to pick a word for the year (go figure).

The first word that came to me was FREE. I didn’t question it; I went with it. It felt good in my body. FREE.

Then one of the sisters sent a fun game that I’m including below. When you look at the image, the first four words you see will be your words for the year. Don’t try to force anything. Simply look at the image with an open mind and open heart and see what is revealed to you. I think activities like this allow our subconscious mind to speak to us.

The first four words I saw really spoke to me. My four words are Power, Change, Strength, and Connection. These words truly resonate with me, and they are all words I want to embody and embrace.

Picking a word or a few words is a great practice, but what do you do with them?

You can meditate on them, you can write affirmations with them. You can vision what these words feel like when you embody them.

What I initially chose to do is create empowering questions with them. Sometimes we don’t know what a specific word would look or feel like in our life. We get to ask.

So often, we consciously or unconsciously ask disempowering questions, such as “why me?” and we usually get feedback supporting it. Instead let’s ask empowering questions and observe what answers are revealed.

I’m sharing my questions below, and you may choose to adopt this practice for yourself.

  • What does it look like to live a FREE life? What does it look like to be a free spirit? How does it feel to be free?
  • What does it look like to live a POWERFUL life? How does it feel to be empowered? How do I know I’m stepping into my power?
  • What does it look like to embrace positive CHANGE? What does it look like to be a change-maker?
  • What does it look like to live with STRENGTH? How does it feel to be strong?
  • What does it look like to live a life of authentic CONNECTION with others and with self? How does it feel to be connected?

When we ask questions, the universe gives us answers, so ask empowering questions.

Meditate on your questions. Speak them to yourself or out loud before bed. Be open to what is revealed to you.

Now, I invite you share your word or words in my Facebook group and how you intend to work with them this year.


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