Discover the Healing Power of Essential Oils

Become the healer in your home through the use of plant medicine

What are Essential Oils?

You may have heard about essential oils as they continue to gain popularity in the natural health world, but what are essential oils exactly? What can they do for you, and are all essential oils created equal?  

Essential oils are powerful plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties.

3 Ways to Use


Breathe in or use diffuser to: Open airways, Boost mood, Freshen the air


Apply to bottoms of feet or affected areas to target specific needs.


Drop in water, under tongue, or into a veggie capsule and swallow.

*Only CPTG oils approved for internal use.*

A New Standard of Quality

Most tested. Most Trusted

Plants harvested in their natural habitat

Verified pure; free of fillers and harmful contaminants

Stringent third party testing ensures authenticity and potency.

Ready to Get Started?

Essential oils are a great way to help manage stress, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine is a healthy way to find life balance.  

You are going to LOVE using essential oils as natural solutions for your health and wellness.

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