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With the step-by-step Mind-Body healing system, you'll be equipped with the tools, trainings, and guidance to save you countless hours of trial and error. Learn the exact steps I take to support my clients. 

Supplement/Essential Oil Protocols for supporting your gut, hormones, mood, and more! 

You'll get recommended protocols for Leaky Gut, IBS/SIBO, Candida, Thyroid Support, Hormone Balancing, Adrenal Support, Sleep Support, Anxiety.

Self-care activities that you can do regardless of your schedule

Specific self-care activities that help your body relax, rest, and digest for optimal healing.

Access to Gut and Hormone Loving Food Lists

Access to gut-healing food list based on your specific symptoms and concerns

20+ Page Exclusive Recipe Guide

Delicious, approved recipes that are easy to make and family-friendly. Options for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert, and beverages. 

Mindfulness Techniques for Healing

Discover a variety of effective techniques to shift your thoughts and emotions in a positive direction to put your body in a state of healing and balance.

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Benefits of Joining Mind-Body Mastery
  •  Discover how to master your gut health, improve digestion, and balance your hormones naturally.
  •  Tips to resolve anxiety and worry and enjoy a less stressed lifestyle. 
  •  Tools to sleep peacefully through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 
  •  Resolve frustrating bloating, cramping, and abdominal pain.
  •  Proven techniques to get your body out of survival mode and into a rest and relaxed state for healing.
  •  Techniques to calm your nervous system, rewire your brain, and allow your body to restore.
Get the tools you need to heal your mind and body.
Check Out What Everyone is Saying...
"I learned so much from just doing this program. I have never really taken any supplements before and only just started testing the oils. My digestive issues have started to improve and my energy level has been up as well. I loved all the info I learned about food. Even though I thought I was eating whole healthy things I learned so many things I didn't know and have improved what I buy and eat even more which I'm so thankful for all the ideas each one of you shared and all the tips and advice from the expert's! Thank you!" - Carey J.
"Jen has been instrumental in helping me feel better after having a baby-- two years ago! All of a sudden I had insomnia. Our daughter slept great, but I didn't, and this was a first for me. My insomnia manifested into almost daily migraines and high blood pressure. I was a mess. Jen first helped by suggesting dietary changes (which I was reluctant to do, but I felt like a new person once I did) as well as an adrenal panel. She suggested supplements and essential oils to help support my adrenals. She also aided me with a ton of recipes that were easy enough for this working mother to make, and enjoy! Jen is an absolute wealth of knowledge and I know that I can trust what she suggests-- in fact I share her knowledge with friends who have similar issues. Jen has been helping me for several years and she is my go-to person when it comes to nutrition and essential oils." - Megan B.
"Not only has my health improved since working with Jen, in that I have gained back some much needed weight and experienced much calmer digestion, but I have also gained peace of mind, by knowing that Jen has been through this herself, and not only understands what I’m going through, but has also recovered from it. She has a wealth of knowledge on my issues, and always has an answer for my questions and several resources to point me to." 
- Katie S. 
"I saw amazing results through working with Jen. While I don’t have digestive issues, I have been managing other chronic conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heartburn. Through following the protocol laid out in this program, I lost 20 pounds and my blood sugar is now under control. My heartburn and acid reflux have disappeared which eliminated the need for another medication. Additionally, my blood pressure has improved dramatically. My health issues that I’ve been dealing with for years are now under control. It’s amazing what eating a clean diet and healing your gut can do for overall wellness." - John J.
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