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Private Breathwork Journey

Experience life transformation in a private breathwork journey. Discover how to awaken your inner healer, calm mental chatter, and transform your life with your breath.

What People Are Saying:

I loved The simple guidance to connect with my breath and the deep meditative state. The music was amazing as well! I felt so relaxed and grounded after. it allowed me to connect to source energy, beyond my body. It was almost trance like. Very peaceful and grounding. I felt a little emotional at times during the session and very grounded after.

Dr. Nikki Cohen

I heard about Jen's breathwork, and was curious to experience it for myself. It really was a wonderful experience, and I am so glad I made the time to fit it into my day. The session was amazing. It made me feel enlightened, energized, peaceful and calm. I felt it helped me tap into my higher source and healing potential much more fully than anything I had ever done before. I feel that breathwork will help me reach deeper into my healing energy when I practice Reiki. The lightness and sense of happiness that I experienced after the session stayed with me throughout the day. Thank you so much for sharing your healing energy and wisdom. I really appreciated it!

Rosanna Foster