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Benefits of a Regular Breathwork Practice

Now more than ever we need tools that will calm anxiety and boost our immune system. People all over the world are being forced to slow down, rest, and restore. While you may be experiencing fear and stress, this is also an opportunity for healing, growth, and self-care.

SOMA breath takes fundamental Pranayama techniques put into a sequence that combines rhythmic breathing to beat-driven music, for therapeutic function and makes it easy to experience.

Think of SOMA Breath as a means to activate your “Inner Pharmacy” through the power of your breath.

Elevate Your State Through the Breath

  • Awaken dormant functions of the brain.
  • Enhance creativity and problem-solving.
  • Create heightened states of consciousness and inspiration.
  • Improve brain function and mind power.
  • Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system.
  • Stimulate self-healing.
  • Reduce depression/anxiety.
  • Clear negative imprints and traumas from early life (0-7 years).
  • Reimprint your mind with more empowering beliefs and habits.
  • Set intentions and create the motivation and energy to complete important goals.
  • Self-realization: discover your true self and your deepest inner calling.

I love the simple guidance to connect with my breath and the deep meditative state the breathwork induces. The music is amazing as well! I feel so relaxed and grounded after every session. It allows me to connect to source energy, beyond my body. It's almost trance like. Very peaceful and grounding. I've felt a little emotional at times during the sessions and always very grounded after. The guided instruction with the music is meditative in and of itself and it elicits a wonderfully relaxed state and opportunity to release.

- Dr. Nikki Cohen


Sacred Breath Program

Discover how to awaken your inner healer, calm anxiety, and transform your life with your breath.

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Yvonne Futch

I love using the power of my breath with music! Afterwards, I felt amazing! I had an out of body experience. I felt light as a feather. If someone has not tried it, I highly recommend SOMA breathwork!

Jerry Garrison

I was stressed out and frustrated from having to deal with a lot of things before the online class began. By the time the class was over I was feeling very relaxed. Thanks Jen.

Rosanna Foster

I love that it's all online so I can practice in the comfort of my own home. I feel enlightened, energized, peaceful and calm. Breathwork really is a wonderful experience, and I am so glad I made the time to fit it into my day.

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