• Gain CLARITY on the emotional and spiritual roots of your pain and discomfort, so you can begin to heal?
  • RELEASE the limiting beliefs and ideologies that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in the same situation day after day?
  • ACTIVATE the healing potential that is already within you, so you can spend more time simply feeling good and not thinking your issues?
  • REPROGRAM your mind to form empowering beliefs and thoughts that elevate your consciousness, boost your mood, and harmonize your life?
  • RECONNECT with your soul, your deepest inner calling, the truth of who you are?
  • Step into ABUNDANCE, FLOW, and FREEDOM in all areas of your life?
  • LIBERATE your mind, body, and spirit from feelings of lack, fear, doubt and unworthiness?
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Activate your inner healer. Soothe your physical pain and discomfort by restoring balance to your nervous system. Support and strengthen the gut-brain connection through healing techniques for better gut health, reduced inflammation, and detoxifying the body.


Align your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with the reality you want to attract. Bring awareness to long-held limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your current situation. Conscious re-patterning of your thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies that are not serving you and reforming them into more empowering, expansive ways of being. Moving from victim consciousness into awakened consciousness. Release emotional imprints and self-sabotaging behaviors, so you can awaken to your full potential.


Awaken to the truth of who you really are. Reconnect with your soul so you can experience fulfillment, peace, and joy in life. Move into a place of acceptance and trust, knowing that you are on the right path and you are being guided by a loving presence. Begin to tap into your intuition and divine wisdom. Feel empowered, whole, and free!!


Let's connect. You'll get the details of the program, have a chance to ask questions, and determine if this is the best next step for you.

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Jen Broyles is a Transformational Health Coach and Breathwork Guide who helps individuals release anxiety, stress, and limiting thought patterns, so they can activate confidence, healing, and peace in their life. She blends a variety of healing modalities including breathwork, neurosomatic techniques, mindset, nutrition, spirituality, and plant therapies to guide clients through the ultimate transformative experience.