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Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit ancient breathing techniques combined with transformative music. This revolutionary meditation experience is highly liberating while also increasing your energy, health & vitality in minutes.

Go on an inner journey to discover what you wish to call into your life and what is holding you back. SOMA Breath techniques have the power to transform someone even down to a cellular level.

Changing your breath can help protect against disease, balance your emotions, and help you be more in flow state.

Benefits of SOMA Breath Include:


  • Awaken dormant functions of the brain.
  • Enhance creativity and problem-solving.
  • Create heightened states of consciousness and inspiration.
  • Improve brain function and mind power.
  • Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system.
  • Stimulate self-healing.
  • Reduce depression/anxiety.
  • Clear negative imprints and traumas from early life (0-7 years).
  • Re-imprint your mind with more empowering beliefs and habits.
  • Set intentions and create the motivation and energy to complete important goals.
  • Self-realization: discover your true self and your deepest inner calling.


And there are still more! Your breath can set you free.

"The online breathwork session was amazing. It made me feel enlightened, energized, peaceful and calm. I felt it helped me tap into my higher source and healing potential much more fully than anything I had ever done before. I feel that SOMA will help me reach deeper into my healing energy when I practice Reiki. The lightness and sense of happiness that I experienced after the session stayed with me throughout the day. Thank you so much for sharing your healing energy and wisdom. I really appreciated it!"

Rosanna Foster

"I was stressed out and frustrated from having to deal with a lot of things before the class began. By the time the class was over I was feeling very relaxed. This is the second class I've taken and the situation was the same when I took the first class. Thanks, Jen!"

Jerry Garrison

"I loved the simple guidance to connect with my breath and the deep meditative state. The music was amazing as well! I felt so relaxed and grounded after. it allowed me to connect to source energy, beyond my body. It was almost trance like. Very peaceful and grounding. I felt a little emotional at times during the session and very grounded after."

Dr. Nikki Cohen

"I loved using the power of my breath with music/sound! Afterwards, I felt Amazing! I had an out of body experience. I felt light as a feather. If someone has not tried it, I highly recommend SOMA breathwork!"

Yvonne, Futch