4 Ways to Promote Healing that Have Nothing to Do With Food

nutrition Nov 09, 2015

When you’re not feeling well, trying to heal yourself can become very stressful, especially when everything you’re trying doesn’t seem to be working.

In the natural wellness world, we tend to focus first on food and then on supplements. I completely agree that diet is a great place to start. When you remove the foods that are causing inflammation in your body, then you’re going to reduce or eliminate some of your symptoms.

However, this whole process can also be very stressful, and the last thing you want to do is add more stress to your body.

I had the pleasure recently of doing a guest blog post for my friend, Erin Knight over at Engineering Radiance. In this article, I discuss 4 ways to promote healing that have nothing to do with food.

While incorporating a healthy, real food lifestyle is critical, it’s not the only thing to consider. It’s only a piece of the puzzle.

Click here to read the full article to learn 4 necessary things you can do now to help put your body in a state of healing.

I discuss the importance of mindset, stress management, sleep, and one thing that you probably would never think of! I also offer examples of ways you can implement these practices now.

Click here to read more.

Please share your thoughts and comments below! What are some things you’ve done to help your body heal and feel better?


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