Sharing My FMT Experience with Dr. Ruscio Radio

nutrition Oct 24, 2017

Back in May I shared with you that I underwent FMT treatment at the Taymount Clinic outside of London.

In June I had the opportunity to be a guest on Dr. Ruscio Radio and share my experience with the procedure. This interview was conducted just one month after my treatment, but it just recently aired.

Our discussion really focuses on what FMT is, who might be a good candidate, and important things to consider to minimize your risk.

FMT stands for fecal microbiota transplant.

It’s a special treatment that re-populates your microbiome using healthy donor stool samples. It’s also referred to as bacteriotherapy. For those with chronic gut issues and some autoimmune conditions, gut dysbiosis is often one of the causes.

Years of unhealthy eating, chronic stress, overuse of antibiotics, and not getting exposure to healthy bacteria can lead to an imbalance in your microbiome. This can lead to a host of chronic illnesses, especially gut disorders like IBS and IBD.

Repopulating the microbiome can be a difficult process. Typically, first line therapy involves treating any gut infections, addressing food sensitivities, eating anti-inflammatory whole foods and fermented foods, and taking probiotics and other gut-healing supplements. In addition to this, many people need to address hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and detoxification.

The question then arises, “when you do all of this and you don’t feel better, what’s next?” That’s where I was. I felt I had exhausted all resources. In fact, I mention in the podcast that I was living like the healthiest person I knew, but I wasn’t the healthiest person I knew.

That’s when I decided to give FMT a try, and that’s where this interview picks up.

Click the image below to discover how the treatment works and if it’s right for you. Please post any questions or share your personal FMT experience in the comments section below!



UPDATE: 5 Months Post FMT

I’ve been wanting to update you on my progress since completing FMT back in May, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I encourage you to listen to the interview first, so you have good background information and understanding.

As of today, I have not noticed significant improvement from my procedure. It’s important to understand that everyone is different and the healing rate is different. I have noticed some small changes and minor improvements in my digestion but nothing major.

With this being a fairly new treatment without many clinical studies, we don’t know the ideal number of treatments or the average rate of healing. Some people notice improvement in a few months; for others it could be a year. Some people need additional treatments. And for some people, it doesn’t work.

One thing I did experience a couple of months post-treatment was extreme emotional swings, unlike anything I had ever experienced. My mood was all over the place, and I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, it’s stabilized since then.

One upside is that my energy has been much better. Before the treatment I was exhausted all the time. Now, I sleep well, and have good energy throughout the day. I’m able to be productive at work, and I’ve started exercising a lot more!

A couple of additional things that I’ve found very helpful are essential oils. They’ve been incredibly beneficial in supporting my mood, my sleep, and my gut.

I continue to follow a very clean, “paleo-ish” protocol. I eat gluten-free grains occasionally and do fine with them. I eat small amounts of cheese but still avoid lactose.

I’ve also been working a lot on my mindset and emotions. I’m realizing that over the years I’ve suppressed a lot of negative emotional energy that has manifested as physical illness in my body. So now, I’m working with a skilled practitioner to help release these energy blocks through a therapy call EFT (emotional freedom technique).

I’ve found this to be very helpful, along with practicing positive affirmations, prayer, and avoiding negative people. I know that stress significantly affects how my gut functions. The less stress, drama, and negativity in my life, the better I am.

I realize I can’t control everything, but I’m working on what I can control. I encourage you to do the same. Just as we can feel better by detoxifying our body, we can also benefit from detoxifying our mind. More on this to come!

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