The Magic of Solo Retreats

I just returned from a solo trip to Encinitas, CA. I’ve been feeling the deep desire to get away by myself for several months now, and I finally made it happen. I don’t take solo trips very often especially if it’s not business related.

But these past few months have been emotionally challenging with supporting a family member through a health crisis and then my sweet dog's passing. I needed an opportunity for healing and restoration that was outside my normal environment. 

This trip was 100% for me, and it was incredible. The last time I took a retreat by myself was 5 years ago. This time, I committed to myself that I will do these more regularly because they are so healing.

I’m thankful for people in my life, like my husband, who supported and encouraged this trip. It was difficult for me to give this to myself. There was fear, doubt, and uncertainty that I had to work through. There were people encouraging me to go and others who expressed hesitation. 

I’ve found the one thing that usually holds us back from doing something good for ourselves that is outside our comfort zone is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that something bad may happen, fear that we will disappoint others, fear that we will make others uncomfortable by our decision, and even fear of being alone with ourself.

For me this trip was a soul-calling. And the invitation kept getting louder until I finally listened and took action.

I realized that I absolutely love solo retreats, just getting away somewhere by myself with no set agenda and disconnecting from work and responsibilities. And for me, the ideal retreat is traveling to a warm, sunny beach location. I’ve been to Encinitas many times, I know what to expect, and I love it.

This time I stayed at the most amazing bed and breakfast called the Inn at Moonlight Beach which totally upleveled my experience. This place felt like my dream home with a beautiful relaxing vibe and high vibrational energy throughout the property. You literally feel different when you’re there. The energy is palpable.

This Inn is a conscious destination and Well Certified. The entire Inn has a water filtration system so you can drink from the tap. They make their own non-toxic soaps and lotions, infuse their own local honey and olive oil, make their own tea, chocolates, dried fruit, and bath salts. They have the most amazing biodynamic garden that you can walk through and even pick your own flowers and herbs. They sage the property every morning.

The space is minimalist, meditative and simple. There's a calming sound machine with ocean waves in my room and a diffuser going with essential oils. There are moon cycle calendars on the walls. I got a meditation kit with crystals and Palo Santo. There's a selenite crystal sphere in the room for cleansing the space and your aura. There are meditation bolsters on the patio, and bath salts in the tub. It was magical.

I didn't do anything extravagant during the 4-day trip. I simply lived each moment more fully, more aware. I was more present, more connected to myself, more connected to nature. I got to spend time with special friends. We did a soap-making workshop at the Inn and I made enough soap to last me a year! It was such a fun and creative outlet. We enjoyed healthy dinners at my favorite restaurant, Goodonya. We went on beach walks and engaged in meaningful, uplifting conversation.

I loved my mornings here. I would wake up naturally and make coffee. Then I’d spend time reading, journaling, and sometimes just sitting in silence. I got a healthy, gluten free breakfast delivered to my door each morning. I would then walk to the beach, sit in contemplation at a beach lookout, or walk through town.

Encinitas is a walking town. I didn’t have a car, nor did I need one. I love being able to walk everywhere - to the beach, to get food, to go shopping.

I'm so thankful for this trip. It was truly restorative and grounding. For me, it was the ultimate form of self-care. I intend to give myself more of these solo retreats much more frequently in the future.

SIDE NOTE: Having been doing this work for awhile, I know there is at least one person reading this who is triggered in some way. If that is you, I encourage you to sit with those feelings. Identify what emotions are coming up for you, and explore what may be at the root of it. 

You may have a different life situation that doesn't allow for you to get away by yourself for a weekend at this time. Or perhaps an experience like this doesn't appeal to you at all. That's okay. This is where you get to be creative and figure out what you CAN do that will fill your cup. The first step is cultivating the belief that you're worthy and deserving of it.



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